About Us

Message from the President


Welcome to the online portal of SmartAsia International Staffing Services. SmartAsia, as a player in the overseas manpower recruitment block, seeks to make a distinctive mark in the global labor market through service excellence.

We are in the business of providing overseas employment services.

In this business, we recruit, assess, train, qualify, and deploy skilled and professional workers with a zeal, and clear sense of purpose: to satisfy the complex and ever-changing demand and requirements of clients for human resources.

With us, you are assured that you are dealing and collaborating with a company guided by ethical conduct, integrity, and professionalism. In return you get the commitment to provide you in all your requirements.

Our expertise in human resource development and management enable us to accomplish the most unique and complex, yet detailed, task of recruitment and deployment.

We hope to partner with you soon, as we strive for excellence, no less.

Danilo V. Paragas